About me

I love doing voiceover. It’s my dream come true, my career match made in Heaven and the career I would choose to do again and again and again.  

Whatever your project is, be it a commercial for a household name, an audio drama you wish to bring to life, or a reassuring and encouraging corporate video – I’m the voice to trust. 

I have an undeniable passion for voiceovers and my aim is to share my voice with the world.

Being a voiceover artist is about combining creativity and career, the perfect opportunity to flex my creative (vocal) muscles as well as the flexibility to work on a diverse range of projects with international clients.


My love for voiceovers was born in middle school and more specifically in my drama classes. I quickly learnt that it was more fun to act and play different characters, than it was to run, jump and sweat during physical activity. So I quickly joined the drama classes at school, with the cherry on top being my love and talent for singing.


My voice has been described as professional, believable, trustworthy, warm and friendly. It easily lends itself to corporate and industrial narrations, e-learning and online learning tutorials, telephone voice mail, IVR, on hold messaging, commercials, infomercials, live theatre broadcasts, audio books, government/educational promotional videos and advertising, and more. I am an exceptionally clear and concise technical speaker, able to make your difficult scripts easy to understand.

Whether you are a company looking for a Voice-Over Talent for your business or an individual wanting to enhance your personal brand and add more depth to your website or videos, I can help get the results you want and need. I’m great to work with and take direction well.